Biochemical Testing

The science of health

Biochemical Testing

A large range of testing is available through Biolab, Genova Diagnostics, TDL, Nordic Laboratories and York/Lorisian Laboratories. The tests can be done privately and as appropriate in conjunction with your GP or Consultant Doctors. If there are concerns about any results shown clients will always be referred responsibly onto their relevant Doctors in order to gain the very best from orthodox medical approaches as well as supportive medicine practised at the Strugar Centre.

Examples of tests available:

  • Well man or Well woman
  • Nutrigenetics Testing - DNA Health, DNA Diet, DNA Mind DNA Oestrogen, DNA Sport
  • Food Intolerance testing
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Thyroid and other hormone profiles
  • Adrenal stress testing
  • Comprehensive stool testing for parasites, yeast and bacteria
  • Medcheck by Nordic Laboratories testing your DNA suitability for most pharmaceutical medicines