Nutrition Therapy

Food for the soul

Nutrition Therapy

Eating a variety of wholesome, real foods can bring great enjoyment and balance to the body. Good nutrition needs to be put in perspective and may considerably contribute to our personal foundation of health. My view is that the benefit of having good overall nutrition can’t be underestimated both in terms of prevention of serious disease and also in the management of diagnosed conditions. For example, excellent nutrition can reduce inflammation and support the body in many different ways often bringing surprisingly helpful results for clients who persevere with their programmes.

Excellent nutrition

Excellent nutrition helps to ensure that our body with all its complex pathways and intricate metabolism gets the essential nutrients in abundance that it needs so it can function at its highest level. Ensuring good nutrition is always a very positive step we can take to support our own health.


In a sense it can be seen as...

...a corner stone of both conventional and alternative medicine, helping both to be more effective. Some principles of Optimum Nutrition are:

  • We are all unique and have different needs.
  • Our environment affects our nutritional needs.
  • Exercise and lifestyle affect our nutritional status.

Support with better foods as well as some targeted supplementation may improve overall health and offer a degree of prevention and protection from some diseases.

What conditions can be treated?

All conditions may be supported at some level with excellent nutrition. Appropriate eating plans have been shown to help lower inflammation, improve gut and digestive function and may help the healing and rejuvenation at a cellular level within the body.

The top 10 benefits my clients appreciated the most to date were to:

  • Help improve energy and personal productivity
  • Help lift depression, concentration and mood
  • Handle stress more effectively
  • Stay away from colds and infections
  • Enjoy a healthy digestive function
  • Get into shape with weight loss or gain with increased fitness
  • Help protect circulatory and cardiovascular health
  • Help balance and improve hormones
  • Improve and learn how to have beautiful skin
  • Be fully supported through an eating disorder

For example, the conditions that may be particularly supported and improved are:

  • All digestive functions
  • Anxiety, low mood, stress and insomnia
  • Cardiovascular and circulatory health
  • The hormonal system, immune and nervous systems
  • Inflammatory conditions such as Arthritis and difficult skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis

Issues surrounding weight and eating disorders can be supported and worked with effectively with a combination of nutritional support giving a balanced programme alongside the right psychological approach and care.

Serious and often debilitating conditions involving low mood and depression, concentration and behavioural problems including addictions, again in conjunction with some focused psychotherapy techniques may be lifted and improved.