Medical NLP

Healing powers of language

Medical NLP

Medical Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is about every aspect of the, ‘Language of Healing and Health’. It is a way of being that can be applied in every kind of interaction such as a Consultation between a practitioner and a client.

The Systemic Approach
NLP regards people as functioning, interrelated systems. This “ecology” ranges from the physical and emotional, through relational levels including partnerships, families, work, social connectedness and spirituality (a sense of being part of “something greater”). Imbalance in any of these areas has been demonstrated to adversely affect our health and well-being. Too often, people are seen simplistically as repositories of symptoms, rather than as unique interactions of physical, psychological, social and spiritual experiences. Failure to see holistically and to redress these imbalances may increase the possibility of treatment failure.

"The excellence of applying Medical NLP within all consultations is that we become consistently aware of all forms of communication. The group of Consultant Anaesthetists I trained with were reporting, in the order of an 80% reduction in the pain levels subjectively felt by their patients using NLP. My journey through this training emphasised that how you speak, what you say and how you communicate this in many non-verbal ways has a profound capacity to help the process of healing and health for us all."        Mary Strugar


The Four Drivers of Medical NLP


A strong sense of “connectedness” between practitioner and clients is a significant factor in a successful consultation. As with all relationships, structure and process is at the core of establishing and maintaining a productive interaction.



Most people in distress have only an absence of their problems as a goal. However, a successful solution-orientated approach demands a clear sense of direction and outcomes, as well as credible means for the client to measure improvement.


Sensory Acuity

Sensory acuity is the ability to gain useful and verifiable information from a wide range of verbal and non-verbal behaviours, including whether the chosen interventions are having the desired effect or not.


Behavioural Flexibility

Having a range of alternative approaches together with a willingness to change direction if a particular approach is not having the desired result is the hallmark of effective Medical NLP.


Some Principles of NLP are:

The Map is Not the Territory
We create our subjective experience of the world through use of our five senses. However, this ‘map’ of ‘reality’ is not reality itself, although we often function as if it were. Furthermore, since we each of us use our senses differently and have different beliefs, values and experiences through which data is filtered, our maps may differ significantly from those of other people. Never assume that other people share your map of reality.

Body, Mind and Environment are Interrelated
Medical NLP adopts a systemic approach to healing and health. Unmet human needs can give rise to apparently unrelated physical and emotional problems or worsen those that already exist.

Every symptom, behaviour and emotion has a positive intention
If only to draw attention to some imbalance, symptoms, behaviours and emotions are communications from other-than-conscious levels of experience. In many cases, removing the symptom will not resolve the problem or satisfy the intention. The symptom is not the problem. The problem is the problem.

All living systems have the capacity to self-regulate, given the right conditions
There is no effective treatment without healing. True healing requires engagement of innate, internal processes or allostasis (self-regulation). The effective practitioner facilitates the “right conditions”.

Most physical and emotional problems have Allostatic Load as a cause or a contributing factor
Sympathetic nervous system arousal (known usually as stress) that cannot be acted upon often results in emotional and physical ‘lock-up’. This inhibits effective processing by the Cerebral Cortex and can cause or worsen physical and psychological conditions. Effective Medical NLP practitioners should regard reduction of Allostatic Load as the first response to all situations in which the client is in distress.

The client is doing the best he or she can do
Although we all at times may seem ‘difficult’ or ‘resistant’, our behaviour is the only response we currently have at our disposal, given the characteristics of our internal ‘maps’.

The response you get is a product of the communication you give
By taking responsibility for the results of all interactions, we retain the power and flexibility to change and adapt should we not get the response we wanted or expected.

" Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the language of healing and health. "

Dr Richard Bandler Co-Founder of NLP

" Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. "

Arthur C. Clarke Science writer