Terms of Business

The following sets out the Terms & Conditions under which the Strugar Centre shall provide its services to you.  The services may be a combination of consultation, advice, referrals or facilitating a supplement programme or medical testing: and shall be the services selected as may be described to you and accepted by you.


  1. By signing this Questionnaire and Terms, you accept that the information you have given within the Questionnaire is complete and accurate and you also accept these Terms.  A Contract shall be formed between us upon our receipt of this signed document.
  2. A Statement of Understanding shall be set out in a confirmatory letter or email to you and sent following your request for services from the Strugar Centre.  This Statement shall cover client confidentiality, data protection issues and, with your permission, anonymised data to be used for service evaluation and/or research.  If the latter, please see clause 3 below.
  3. The Strugar Centre uses various measures to assess your response to the Services provided.  Provided you consent to do this, it is useful for the Strugar Centre if you complete a brief Questionnaire both before and after you have received Services.  Your responses to the Questionnaire helps the Strugar Centre personnel to understand your needs more fully; evaluate your past and present strengths.  In common with the Statement of Understanding, your personal details and all information from the Questionnaires will be treated in strict confidence and in accordance with the terms of the Data Protection Act, provided you consent, then anonymised data from the Questionnaires will be transferred to a secure database, to be used by the Strugar Centre for evaluation of its services and research.  You are of course entitled to decline to give your consent to such use of the anonymised data arising from Services received by yourself.
  4. The charges to be made to you for the services you require shall be set out in a confirmatory letter or email sent to you following your request for advice.  For the avoidance of doubt, this may cover only the consultation fee or may cover the cost of medical tests, for example relating to IgG food sensitivies, or any other tests suggested and agreed by yourself.
  5. Payment / Cancellations.
    In the event that you find that you are unable to attend a consultation time that has been booked: provided that you cancel with the Strugar Centre at least 24 hours before the time of your appointment, no fee shall be charged.   In the event that cancellation is less than 24 hours, you shall be liable to pay the full amount of the consultation fee.
  6. Invoices shall be sent to you immediately after your appointment.  Payment in full is required within 5 working days of the date of the invoice: payment details and instructions form part of the invoice.
  7. The Strugar Centre aims at all times to provide excellent services, all of which are specifically tailored to your particular circumstances and needs.  However, the Strugar Centre cannot, and does not, guarantee any particular result of the advice and treatment suggested.   The Strugar Centre is a professional advisory service;   aiming at all times to increase your feeling of wellbeing.
  8. Whilst any referral by the Strugar Centre to another medical practitioner or other third party is made in good faith and based on experience, no liability is taken by the Strugar Centre for any advice or treatment provided by third parties.
  9. You shall at all times make the Strugar Centre aware of any advice or ongoing treatment you are receiving from third parties and shall at all times make any other medical advisers with whom you are consulting aware that you are attending the Strugar Centre, together with advising of any tests you are undergoing.
  10. Supplement Programme
    In the event that you are provided with supplements, you shall abide by all instructions given by the programme, if you decide to take up the advice, in addition to any particular requirements or descriptions set out on any of the actual supplements provided to you.

This document, as completed by me, represents as full a summary of my medical history as I am able to provide and by signing this document, I confirm the accuracy of the information and my willingness to accept the Terms of Business set out above. I also confirm I have read the statement of understanding.


Note:  These Terms of Business are sent out with a New Client Questionnaire when advice is sought and in preparation for an appointment.